UTG position in poker – game features

The training materials often use poker terminology, which complicates the understanding of the material by beginners. Therefore, it is important for the player to understand the terms or use a special dictionary. Studying the theory, you will often find abbreviated naming of positions, for example – UTG. You should definitely know these names, otherwise you will not understand what the article or book is about.

The term UTG in poker is the abbreviated name of the positions – the places at the table to the left of the Blinds. These positions are also called early ones. Their number depends on the number of seats at the table. For example, from a tactical point of view, at a 9-max table, it is customary to single out three late positions, and for 6-max, only one.

UTG Features in Poker

The abbreviation is derived from the English name – Under The Gun, which translates to “Under the gun”. This position position was received not by chance, but because of the particularly limited capabilities of the player who is in it. The fact is that poker player with UTG goes one of the first. Before late positions there were only mandatory bets, to which the move will still return. Therefore, most of the opponents only have to announce their actions.

Due to the fact that most opponents have not yet said their word, the player with UTG is in a very disadvantageous position. The disadvantages of its place are as follows:

It is not known how many opponents will enter the trades – this does not allow us to determine the probability of winning his hand, since the viability of the cards depends not only on their composition, but also on the number of opponents.

It is not known what the rivals will make bets – the player does not know how many opponents will bet, therefore – he cannot determine whether it is profitable for him to make a bet when entering the bidding. If opponents bet too much, his cards may be unprofitable for a hand.

In the next auction, he will also act first, if the Blinds fold, this will deprive the tactical advantage in post-flop trading, as the lack of information about the actions of opponents will remain.