Learn the rules of pоker and win this game

Pоker is not just a game of cards. It’s also people behind these cards that need to be taken into account. And if there were no rules of poker, the game would turn into complete chaos, endless disputes – and it would not have been, in fact.

In this guide, we explain why rules are so important. Without knowing them, you can lose a lot of chips. This is the same thing that you do not know on a section with a circular motion, who gives way to someone: everything can end in a multiple accident!

Understanding how to play poker begins with learning the rules of the game. For example, you can not raise without knowing when, and how many times.

And if you do not know even the most basic strategies in poker, you will become a good prey for more experienced players!

Rules of pоker offline – tips

Poker offline games are very different from online poker games. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the joints of all varieties of the game, so as not to make mistakes.

Here are the cribs for playing offline poker, which is not so easy to find on the Internet.


Incorrect surrender quite often happens in offline poker, but almost impossible in online poker. Wrong call surrender, when, for example, players are dealt more cards than needed. Or when the distribution starts not with that player. Or when the dealer accidentally flips the card.

If the surrender was incorrect, the dealer almost always knows about it. In this case, all players at the table will be informed that the hand must be repeated. In this case, the dealer simply picks up the cards, shuffles them and hands them over again. That is, everything is not so difficult.

The Dead Hand

Sometimes players discard accidentally. Unfortunately, in this case the dealer can not do anything. In the discarded hand can no longer play, and the player who throws it can not play until the next hand. Even if the dealer accidentally takes the player’s cards, the hand is still considered dead.

Council. Always handle your hand with care! Use cardholder, if necessary. In some poker rooms on the table there is a line of action or bets. See that your cards do not go for this feature during the gаme. And always watch your cards! Otherwise, your aces can be dropped faster than you say: “Raise.”